GSC3570 documentation


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Looking for the GSC3570 HD Intercom & Facility Control Station (full blown) documentation, as current search efforts only yielded the product brochure. We are aware that the product is in beta right now, but without any detailed documentation, it will prove hard to proceed with testing work.

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Are you referring to GSC3570 touch screen panel wall phone, or the GSC3505/3510 SIP Intercom Speaker?


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I’m referring to the GSC3570 touch screen, as I was unable to locate any existing area/post on the unit, during my initial searches.

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This product is new and not yet launched yet but will be very soon. Please either wait or open a ticket to Grandstream Help Desk to get the latest documentation (which may not be published yet waiting for the lanching). Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Thank you John, and yes we were aware of the current status of the product. We are actually beta testers as we are working to become reseller/integrator for our region, with 2 units in-house presently.

We have a conf call with the national GS product director this afternoon, maybe we will be able to get more. Thank you very much for your assistance John.

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Finally managed to land the user Manual for this device.
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Thanks to all who helped.