GSC3570 Beta Board Overview


Hello insiders,

Whether you were chosen to receive a unit or you’re just popping in to get to know the new product a little bit more and ask the testers about it, you can find everything about the GSC3570 beta here!

Please use this board to:

  1. Report bugs
  2. Ask questions about the GSC3570
  3. Discuss how you feel about the device performance/spec wise

You can access the draft datasheet for the device HERE.

If you’re one of the testers,
You will receive an email with a survey link when all the units have shipped. The beta test survey questions are to be answered there.



When do you think the testing units will be shipped?


We’re trying to get ALL the units shipped out prior to the holiday season. Definitely within the next couple of weeks, fingers crossed.


What about the WP810?


Thank you!


That include the WP810. Before the holidays if it all works out.