Gsc3570 and GDS3710 door open using monitor aplication -how to get this work


Hello - does somebody know what i have to do to get the open door function in monitor mode work?
I have 3570 and GDS3710 in the same subnet. The door lock is connected to GDS3710. I have no problem with door opening during normal call. I can also open door using dtmf code from whitelisted stations.

The GDS3710 account is being added in the GDS section of GSC3570 configuration.
In GDS3710 door function is set to “local relay”

When I try to use monitor mode I can get video from GDS3710 via RTSP, but video is not displayed in the “monitor”. I can call GDS371 from gsc3570 pushing the “phone” icon on the screen, but i can not open the door using “door open” icon on the same screen.

Both devices uses the newest software available from Grandstream.

Does anybody has any idea how to get this function work?

Product Model GDS3710
Hardware Version V1.7A
Part Number 9650001417A
Boot Version
Core Version
Base Version
Prog Version

Product Model GSC3570
Part Number 9630005914A

Software Version



Check DTMF settings, it could be wrong dtmf type sent.


DtMF works OK. I could use the dtmf when the call is placed between GSC and GDS.
To use DTMF we need to establish sip session between devices - so if we have proxy between we need to place a call. It has no sense in a “monitor” scenario. I don’t know how the “external services” works but I don’t think that it is standard sip call. Standard communication with sip/dtmf works.


Oh sorry, you can’t open without opened session afair.
It is possible in phones but they have it added in soft i think. You can try ask GSsupport ?


They told me that this function works only if I use the newest software. I did, but without any significant changes in system operation.
For me the GSC3570 is the very early beta product and should not be offered for production environment. It works like “interesting gadget” but no professional Facility Control Station. :frowning:


Did you read release note ?



Yes I did nice piece of the theory. :frowning:

“2) GSC3570 Open Door NO SIP Call:” - this function does not work for me at all, the rest is OK.
Open door during sip calls works, rtsp connection works.
But there is another bug - RTSP stream from GDS3710 is not password protected (yes I set the password in GDS3710 - but it not makes any difference) - anybody who knows the IP address of the GDS3710 can connect to the rtsp stream without any password.


Then it is bug, i do not have devices to confirm. Go with ticket



GSC3570 and GDS3710 can be paired to work. In your case:

  1. SIP Call or IP Call Open Door (DTMF)
  2. RTSP viewing/monitoring
  3. Open Door w/o SIP Call.
    In your case, the GSC3570/GDS370 pair are in the same physical location and same LAN, then you can either use SIP call to open door, or directly control to open door (need new firmware):

If you read the Release Note posted by @Marcin, at Page 7, it clearly mentioned:
• Web Configuration
This feature needs related matching GDS37XX firmware to work. The firmware needs:
➢ GDS3710: above;
➢ GDS3705: or above
Both firmware are under QA testing and not released yet at the moment, but will be available very soon.

It says “above”, this means does NOT support this feature. The next firmware is NOT released and under QA testing. So it is expected this will not work with your firmware.

If you want to play pre-released firmware, please open a ticket and contact HELPDESK of Grandstream support.

Thank you very much for using Grandstream Facility Access Products.


But there is another bug - RTSP stream from GDS3710 is not password protected (yes I set the password in GDS3710 - but it not makes any difference) - anybody who knows the IP address of the GDS3710 can connect

@witekprytek: For the RTSP viewing, could you check the “System Settings ==> Access Settings”, please make sure the “Enable Anonymous LiveView” is NOT checked and enabled, otherwise the VLC will not need any password to pull the video. This is a feature requested by lots of system integrators, where the 3rd party is in same LAN and in home and don’t need such security but convenience.

Please advise. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Please take a look at
page 17
GDS3710: (FW: or above)
This setup can be found under device web UI → Door System Settings → Basic Settings:
FW: or above not “above” there is no any firmware with newer version avaible.


GDS3710 FW1.0.7.23 support this feature, but it is under QA and not released yet. Please keep tuned.

If you want to play this feature before it released, please open a ticket in HELPDESK. You need configure both GDS3710 and GSC3570 pair correctly for this feature to work (because packet/message will be exchange between these two device before the related relay control taking action).

Thank you for using Grandstream facility access products.


@witekprytek: I think you mixed two concepts: 1) GSC3570 secure open door 2) GDS3710 open door w/o SIP Call.

For 1): The relay is controlled by GSC3570 from INSIDE the door, this is more secure and asked by lots of customers for application scene in Bank, Goverment buildings, etc., which required more security and don’t want the relay control circuit exposed outside the door. This feature already there if you are using current released official firmware.

For 2): The relay is STILL controlled by GDS37XX at OUTSIDE the door. Previously this operation requires SIP call to be established. New feature is when the GDS37XX still configured to control Relay, in addition to SIP call open door; now you can go to GSC3570 touch UI, press “Monitor --> Door System”, select the related door controlled by GDS37xx (you will see the newly added open door icon at the right side, the left side still have an phone icon for SIP call open door); press the newly added open door icon will prompt which door to open, door 1 or door 2, press related open door icon will operate the relay at GDS37xx side to open related door. This feature is partially implemented and not available till future new firmware, and need BOTH GSC3570 and GDS37xx to upgrade to supported firmware (NOT released yet). This feature is requested by customers in application scenes like Hospital, Clinic , Senior house where the receptionist or nurse inside can press the GSC3570 to open door from inside so the patient can get out when reaching the door. (Of course you can wire an “EXIT” button into the GSC3570 to do the SAME thing if the GSC3570 is controlling the relay and this is recommended method. But some customers NOT willing to do the wiring due to the building environment limitations so this new feature is for them). This feature is NOT released YET but under our internal QA testing.

Hope this explains.

@witekprytek: Please help to advise which feature you are referring to, 1) or 2). The feature 1) should work and already released; feature 2) not yet released.

Thank you very much for using Grandstream Facility Access products.


@witekprytek: GDS3710 FW1.0.7.23 has been released:

Please test again now for the open door W/O SIP call using GSC3570 (FW1.0.5.9) and GDS3710 (FW1.0.7.23).

Please check out the Release Note before you do the testing. And post question if you have any.

Thank you for using Grandstream products!