GSC3570 add camera stream



I am planning on a intercom solution for our apartment buildings.

One of the solutions we are looking at is using a voice only third-party sip-intercom at the entrance, but using GSC3570 in the apartments.

Is it possible to add a stand-alone camera at the entrance, so when the visitor is making a call on the voice only intercom to the GSC3570 that the device automatically shows both the video and the voice call? We would use UCM6301 as internal PBX.

How/where should this be configured? Is it possible to convert the voice sip call to a video call in the PBX or is it possible to automate this in the GSC3570.


Likely not.

The scenario you describe involves two different, isolated from one another, devices to effectively combine their SIP messaging and streams together so that upon arrival at the GSC, they form one call. In practice, this is two separate calls where the intercom would be dialing to whichever extension/intercom the person wishes to communicate to, but the camera is a set piece where it can only dial into one extension be it a given user extension or ring group. It would not know what extension the intercom dialed and even if it did could not change its programmed destination dynamically to match.

You would be better off getting a video door access device so it is all combined or look for a door access device that can take a remote video feed from a camera (not SIP, just video codec) that can integrate the video feed in with the audio and output as SIP.


I agree with Larry, don’t mix your solution up with components from different vendors, go with a dedicated solution from N2, Axis or Dahua.

I have a 3570 at home and reboots are often necessary after calls from various video sip extensions lock the unit up. I’m very wary about putting the 3570 in a customer environment.


Thanks for your inputs,

The problem is I have limited options on door access systems, and the door access provider’s intercom is voice only.

My other options are

  1. have two devices at the entrance, a GDS3710, and the door access device for card/pin entry
  2. Only use the GDS3710, but then keep two lists of card/tags/pin codes, since the door access system won’t use the Wiegand interface of the gds3710
  3. Use audio only intercom through door access system

Regarding instability of the GSC3570, that sounds worrying. I am looking at installing around 250 units in customer’s apartments, if they aren’t reliable, that feels like a bad idea…


This is a very typical application scene for GSC3570 and IP Camera combination. Lots of system integrators use it for their customers.

You will need to pre-configure RTSP stream (2nd stream) of the IP Camera into the GSC3570 so when GSC3570 receive the audio call, user can switch to pre-configured RTSP stream to see the live video feed of the IP camera in the front door, while automatically put the call on-hold, then decide whether to open door or not when switch back and resume the call (automatically after exit the RTSP streaming UI screen)

Details or HOWTO CONFIGURE please check out the documentation center in the website:

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