GSC3510 suggestions for improving the body


Hello. GSC3510 will be used as desktop, wall and ceiling devices. They must be considered with the client’s interior. I offer several possible improvements for serial production.

  1. The body will look more modern if you make it in the form of a hemisphere with a chopped design (like Konftel EGO).
  2. Make the fabric cover removable with the possibility of replacing with another color. Fabric cover can be sold separately
  3. Make the connectors inside the base of the device so that when installing the wires were not visible. This can also be done with bracket enhancements.



Thank you for your feedback, we will take it to consideration.


Personally, we are satisfied with the design (Item 1 and 2)! But, it is definitely necessary to correct the location of the connectors (Point 3) - they are very close to the edge …