GSC3510 - New Firmware - Not able to access after upgrade


GSC3510 - upgraded to the current firmware - After upgrade, I can see the phone getting DHCP from my router, but I am not able to access via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or SSH. Tried to reset the unit via the reset button, no change. Tried a simple reboot as well, no change.

Any thoughts on how to access the unit? Its brand new and I just pulled it out of the box this morning. Anyone else seeing this issue?


maybe the device not finishing the upgrade process. Please leave it in the environment for a while, then reboot it see what you get. Worried about you reset it when it is in upgrading firmware stage, that may render the device damaged and need RMA.


Looks like after waiting about an hour the device magically came back. Issue is, if I reboot it again, the same thing happens. Very strange.


Open a support ticket with Grandstream HelpDesk:

To get help from support engineer. Thanks!


Hi Rio,

Wait about half an hour to an hour and you will get access that´s true.
If you´re able to login the very first you have to do, is setting up a static IP for the device.
After you did this, the access works even after reboot imediately.

There seems to be a DHCP-client issue or else with the latest Firmware.

But this is the workaround i discovered to go until the issue will have been fixed anywhen…

Regards Michael