GSC3510 loses WIFI connectivity when rebooted


I can set the WIFI settings in the GSC3510 and connect to my WIFI network, however, when the unit is powered down/rebooted the unit does not reconnect to WIFI without accessing the web GUI and CONNECTING.

This really defeats the purpose of having WIFI in the unit.


I’m testing this now. I did notice that even if I enable WiFi, it continues to use the ethernet port for connectivity. I’ll have to find a PoE injector to test this on an ethernet line that isn’t providing connectivity.


Looks like I was able to reproduce this. Logcat attached. Additionally, when plugging an ethernet connection in to login and pull the log, it took about 5 minutes of CDP \ LLDP discovery before it ran DHCP over ethernet to get an IP. (19.2 KB)

Edit: I cannot consistently reproduce this. Last few tests it came up as expected.

Ethernet versus Wifi seems very nebulous at this time

I was showing that it had traffic on the WIFI port from the AP, however, I will also test again


OK, now when I test, after reboot the WIFI connection DOES RECONNECT to the last good connection. Currently, with just wired Ethernet connected, 3510 sends traffic on wired port, with WIFI and wired port connected, the 3510 sends and receives traffic on BOTH ports (and obtains an IP address for both wired MAC and wireless MAC) with just WIFI connected unit reconnects on reboot and sends traffic as expected.

Sorry, when I first tested, I could not get the WIFI to reconnect after a reboot…


We’ve just confirmed in our testing that data connection (ie, management interface) is only over Ethernet. We have a PoE injector we used to provide power and network, configured wifi, and then unplugged the Ethernet. Strange results ensued. Unpredictable and unreproducible upon demand. Sometimes, the call dropped and sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes we were able to plug Ethernet back in and have it work, sometimes we couldn’t. Full debugging at the network level wasn’t performed yet, but our preliminary results lead us to believe that management traffic is only carried over Wifi at this time.


Advice, try to uncheck CDP, disable 802.x mode, and disable upnp, on provision part disable all DHCP option, had a similar issue, now is 3 day running fine.


If you have to do all that to maintain wifi connectivity over a reboot, then there are some serious issues with the 802 implementation on the device.


This is beta testing program. I assume grandstream developer trying to obtain information from advanced users to resolve problem/suggestion and fix it in next firmware release. Our task is to provide these info. BR


Yes, I know. We’ve participated in many of GS betas before. Our point was to emphasize that if it has to go through all of that to maintain wifi connectivity, then GS really needs to look closer


We have the 3510 working over WIFI for over 11 days now with no issues…

Management access is allowed over our WIFI connection…

(Using a POE injector for power)


Wireless won’t stay connected on reboot is what mine does as well.
Aquire wifi Network in IT room over wired rj45 ethernet unplug to install. Plug poe only back in at classroom, not on wifi. Log back in over wired network and it forgot the network or turns the wifi off completely?#Grandstream


Are you using the latest firmware for the device? If yes please open a ticket at HELPDESK and ask support engineer to get involved.

Thank you for using Grandstream Products.