GSC3510 Initial feedback


First initial thoughts are its a nice design, and can see lots of potential for this in the market place.

After playing with it for a little while now, i’ve found the following (much like many others for some of these things).

-Multicast broadcasts take up an active call leg, even when simply multicasting music. Compared to similar devices where the device is idle when multicasting.

-audio volume is constantly fluctuating, during a call or multicast the audio goes up and down and never seems to stay at a constant range.

-Local call recording, where is it being stored? Most likely local, but can there be a choice of changing to a network location?

-ethernet connection protrudes when wall mounted. Difficult to have a clean wall/ceiling install.

-Brightness control does not appear to work, constant green light could be distracting when wall mounted for multicasting.

-would be nice to have ability to set both http and https ports separately, currently if you select https and don’t update the port number, you are unable to access the web gui. When testing provisioning on our system, we don’t set the https port, but rather the protocol and this caused a conflict when provisioned which forced me to have to factory reset the device and start over again

-external AC adapter would be nice, as if you are going to power it using POE, then there is no reason to use wifi.

-non-whitelist calls should be defaulted to Answer, instead of Block.

-better ability to set a default volume rather then having to initiate a call.

-There does not appear to be a way to initiate a conference call with this. Also when there is a multicast call happening, you are unable to initiate a second call. You have to stop the multicast, then make your call. and then either dial the mutlicast stream or reboot the unit.

For the most part, from what i’ve used of the device it works quite well and I look forward to using it