GSC3505 Music, Multicast, SIP Call



I try to get the GSC3505 working for a customer (Doctor)

Playing Music on a Waiting Area
Make a Call from an IP Phone to inform the next patient to enter.

Working so far:
Making Calls to the GSC and hear my Voice
Playing Music using a multicast

but that dosn’t work together, while the music multicast is runing, the SIP Call is only “knocking” but isn’t auto accepted by the GSC.

So i try to get Applications–> Music to work and failed :wink:

Any solutions?

thanks :wink:



  1. May I know what firmware is your GSC3505 on right now when you testing this scenario?
  2. How did you play/multicast the Music to play on the GSC3505? Is it using GSC3505 as the bluetooth speaker?
  3. What did you mean by “Application -> Music to work and failed”?

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@GS.Will Can you provide us a config/scenario to test the music thing? I couldn’t make it work with either a RTP-TS nor RTSP stream.



The path format is quite sensitive, you need to include the file format on the path.

Also, we are using TestOnDemandRTSPServer - Linux OR Live555MediaServer - Windows. Somehow VLC still won’t work for .TS file. We are supporting .MP3 format on fimrware v. and we will release it as a BETA soon.

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Most Radio streams are *.m3u
Will it be supported, too?
It´s not always ideal needing just another piece of hardware which provides a running VLC Streaming Server in the network.
Also there isn´t always a server present where this is wanted or allowed.
Or does it take to much ressources from the onboard CPU of the GSCs?



System Info:

Music comes via Multicast Stream

1st Stream atm is from the tel to say “next please”
the other one playes the Musicstream generated by ffmpeg

That works - music is playing, when i “call” (starting the Multicast from my Yealink Telefon) the music stop and i hear my Voice.

But if i call the Device via the SIP Account it only knock knock while music is playing but don’t auto accept the call.


i tryed to get this working - but failed.