GSC3505 Music, Multicast, SIP Call



I try to get the GSC3505 working for a customer (Doctor)

Playing Music on a Waiting Area
Make a Call from an IP Phone to inform the next patient to enter.

Working so far:
Making Calls to the GSC and hear my Voice
Playing Music using a multicast

but that dosn’t work together, while the music multicast is runing, the SIP Call is only “knocking” but isn’t auto accepted by the GSC.

So i try to get Applications–> Music to work and failed :wink:

Any solutions?

thanks :wink:



  1. May I know what firmware is your GSC3505 on right now when you testing this scenario?
  2. How did you play/multicast the Music to play on the GSC3505? Is it using GSC3505 as the bluetooth speaker?
  3. What did you mean by “Application -> Music to work and failed”?

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@GS.Will Can you provide us a config/scenario to test the music thing? I couldn’t make it work with either a RTP-TS nor RTSP stream.



The path format is quite sensitive, you need to include the file format on the path.

Also, we are using TestOnDemandRTSPServer - Linux OR Live555MediaServer - Windows. Somehow VLC still won’t work for .TS file. We are supporting .MP3 format on fimrware v. and we will release it as a BETA soon.

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Most Radio streams are *.m3u
Will it be supported, too?
It´s not always ideal needing just another piece of hardware which provides a running VLC Streaming Server in the network.
Also there isn´t always a server present where this is wanted or allowed.
Or does it take to much ressources from the onboard CPU of the GSCs?



System Info:

Music comes via Multicast Stream

1st Stream atm is from the tel to say “next please”
the other one playes the Musicstream generated by ffmpeg

That works - music is playing, when i “call” (starting the Multicast from my Yealink Telefon) the music stop and i hear my Voice.

But if i call the Device via the SIP Account it only knock knock while music is playing but don’t auto accept the call.


i tryed to get this working - but failed.


hi, Im was trying to play music on this device using VLC but as I was reading here on forum this doeset work yet. So I tried using ffmpeg but I never used anything like this before so Im kind of lost. Can you please shere some lines that you need to put in cmd for this thing to get working? how to tell ffmpeg from where it should listen and where it should multicast?


Hi rozance

here is my .bat

D:\test\ffmpeg.exe -re -i -vol 64 -filter_complex aresample=16000,asetnsamples=n=160 -acodec g722 -ac 1 -vn -f rtp udp://

it will play a webradio stream to the MC Adresse on port 5555 - the codec part was used for Snom PA1 - don’t try without that, but it works :wink: that -vol 64 just adjust Volume and can be removed.
hope it will help you.


Thanks for the respond it helped me alot, I have another question tho :slight_smile:
What about if I were to record me saying “welcome” do you know how would I insert this in the line?


Can someone please help me get the music working. Im using VLC to stream via rtsp, the music in VLC starts to play I can listen to it but the speaker doesn’t start to play the music. My file is in MP3 format. the only thing I can get to work is by using ffmpeg but there I can only play various links of radios. I need to get 1 song to work that would be in a loop. and it would be played nonstop except when someone came through the door it would stop the music and say “hello” or “Welcome” and then the music starts again.


Hello Rozance…were you able to get VLC working. I can get FFmpeg example from above, but when I try with VLC the call seems to go through but there is no audio.


hi, for all of us that want to play music on all the speaker and found the .ts system useless:

the solution is this software
and ffmpeg for send all the audio played in the pc with multicast

(ffmpeg dir) ffmpeg -f dshow -i audio=“CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)” -filter_complex aresample=16000,asetnsamples=n=160 -acodec g722 -ac 1 -vn -f rtp rtp://

insert this on a .bat file


Then what do we configure in the GSC UI? Curious to try it.


Only the multicast address rtp:// and the g722 codec


Playing Media Streams on the GSC3505 with g722 Codec sounds really bad. is there no way to play it with opus or some better “music” codec?

Also when playing the stream it steadily goes up and down with volume and quality?!

Why it isnt possible to implement with music function some common streaming options to make it easy.?! :frowning:


but what server you use to send audio?