GSC3505 - Calls locked up?



Good morning!

I manage the IT for a school and we’ve recently added about 40 GSC3505 speakers. These speakers are tied to a FreePBX system for bells as well as for multicast school wide announcements. They do code red, tornado, fire drills etc. and the last few times several classes have mentioned not hearing these alerts. HUGE ISSUE of course. When I log into the web interfaces I’m presented with a screen essentially indicating that a call is in progress to said speaker, and that it’s been going on for quite some time (the one I found 3-4 days). Even though I have the priority on multicast set at 1 and the speaker to allow barging, it seems that these locked up calls are preventing multicast from getting through. Anyone seen this or offer any advice on how to remedy it?



Whether the corresponding parameter [Paging Barge] is set? Only this parameter is also enabled. The priority of multicast is actually enabled. e.g.


Yes, it is set just like that.

I’m not looking for a priority. I’m looking for a way to make it time out…Our Algo speakers time out after 1 minute and will disconnect the call. These Grandstreams will just hold it forever until the speaker is rebooted.


Can you provide a more detailed introduction to the use of the scenario of automatically hanging up a call after a timeout? Thanks.


I’m not sure what you’re asking…I just know what I’m experiencing, and it only happens with our Grandstreams, and never with Algo’s. For what ever reason, be it the PBX or something else, if someone pages, and hangs up, the Algo’s will immediately disconnect, but sporadically the Grandstreams hang on to that call and keep it active even though the pager has hung up. I know it is hung up if the light on the speaker is green. When I log into the web interface it says that page is still active. Some times this page has been “active” on that speaker for 3+ days. Manually rebooting the speaker fixes it. But there should be a feature added to disconnect a page or call after a predefined time.


In many paging devices, there is a timer within the device that can be set to a given time period by which an active page will be allowed. If the page exceeds that time period, the page device will disconnect the call and return to idle and await a new page. The key is to make sure that the device is set to allow the longest page envisioned so that pages can be completed without being disconnected, but at the same time with the timer being set such that the device does not get hung.

This setting is not unlike the maximum page duration setting found in the 63XX page call features.

I too have the GSC in a number of locations and they are used with various PBX makes and they also have hang on occasion forcing me to remotely access and reboot. It is a pain and a customer sore point as it renders the pagers unusable while hung. When logging into them while in the hung condition, they all show a page in progress, but there is not one as the reported originating extension is no longer engaged in the call.


I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this…