GSC3505 After update no registration



I have noticed one Problem after update of GSC3505. I have updated the Speaker up to Firmware 1.0.6 an now the SIP User isn´t registered. It shows 502 Bad Gateway. Before i used the Firmware 1.0.1 and the Speaker was registered on our PBX. So what can i do now? Is there maybe a possability for Downgrade?

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Found the Issue, had to set TLS to 1.0 -.-


Really? I had the same issue on, I had to downgrade to

I’ll try that TLS fix.


Yes, you can set under System Settings --> Security Settings --> TLS the Minimum TLS Version. Here you have to set TLS 1.0 and now it is working :slight_smile:


Hey Guys

I had this error this week and found my issue was to do with using FQDN for 3CX server address after updating to Seems the firmware has an issue as the phones are all checking in with FQDN, just these speakers that won’t. Updating the provisioning URL to ip address instead resolved it for me. Soft Solutions team here in NZ are raising as a case for Grandstream. FYI I did try the TLS change but didn’t fix for me, only changing to IP worked.