I want to hear number tunes on the speaker when i press any number like for a pre announcement is this a setting

Thank you. @GSSupport74


Do you mean like a beep warning tone?


Any tune so the user should know to listen to the speaker we used to press buttons so it played the number tunes but on this speaker if you press numbers it doesn’t play the tune

Thank you


Look in the device as there is a setting to play a warning tone on page. It may also be available on the PBX that is driving the GSC.

The reason you can’t press a key and hear it is because the DTMF is set to use the RFC which puts the signaling of same outside of the audio. To hear, you would need to change the DTMF type to in-band which then puts the tone back into the audio stream.


I tested in inband mode and it works

Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback and testing! Let me us know if you still have any questions about this.

Thank you!