GS6208 cannot dial out to certain LD numbers on FXO ports?


Hello all, I had a recent issue startup, i cannot dial the 2 below numbers via an FXO port on my grandstream 6208.
I have 3 PTSN lines via Bell Canada here in Montreal.

I can dial the LD numbers when i connect a standard analog phone directly to PTSN line its self, only through the GS i get a fast busy signal. Other LD numbers work, these 2 no. They work fine through the VOIP lines.

Hangouts conference bridges
1 647 737 8491
1 613 916 9585

Ports are configured as ERL, 350 ohms +(100 ohms)||210nanofarad)

Any ideas???

Firmware is:
System Information


UCM6208 V1.3A

Part Number


System Time

2020-01-09 13:05:16 UTC-05:00

Up Time

3day (s) 02:41:37

Version Information









as far as outbound routes are concerned are correct (you can create a test route = _x.).
the analog lines secured with an analog phone are correct.
On UCM, you can do tests to align impedance and tone to your PSTN lines, do them and then restart UCM.
First of all make sure you have the last stable FW on UCM.


I did the detect in the ACIM settings and added that _X. in outbound routes. SO now my outbound routes for the FXO ports look like this… not sure if i need all that?

Same thing i cannot dial the mentioned numbers



I can’t be sure of anything, I’d be a magician if I could, I’ll just give you some advice, if you want to take it, do the tests I told you and write the result here.


Ok I will look further into the line tests. Thanks!


You have outband try in CDR for this number or not ?

1NXXNXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXX make no sense at all as later allow all so why restrict in 1 ?

x. remove all rest restrictions.


If you are able to dial virtually any other number using the same lines, then it is most likely not a line issue. Your line is only a concern between the UCM and the central office where the copper terminates. So, there is no reason to believe the copper line is impacted by the numbers being dialed.

I assume you tested all three line?
I further assume that you are controlling the CallerID and CallerName as if often the case in Canada and that the format being used compatible?

The dial rule of X. is the only entry required as this is an “allow all” numbers regardless of digit entry qualification and length.