GS Wave Win10 call answer with headset


I have just installed a UCM6302 system and deployed the Wave App on some MS Surface Tablets with Win 10. The issue is I am using a Plantronics Voyager Headset with USB Dongle, receiving ring tones in the headset speaker, yet unable pick up the call via the call control button on the headset.
Any suggestions would be helpful.


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave Desktop application! Could you kindly help us confirm that what is the specific model number of the Plantronics Voyager headset? Does it support with Teams or other application? Could you kindly export the logs from your Wave Desktop application and send them to us for troubleshooting? Thanks for your testing!

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Upon reading your post, I installed the latest WAVE app (1.19.11) onto a tablet and using a really cheap BT headset also could not answer or end the call using the connect button. I could hear the ring and conduct a call by answering the call on the Surface (Win 11), but I could not answer or end the call using the connect button.

As an aside, I also tested same using 3CX’s desktop app and experienced the same results.

I then installed on a different machine (Intel NUC i7) using a different extension and still experienced the same results as that of the Surface.


Thanks for your testing and feedback, Larry! We want to obtain the specific model of the headset and test it in our own lab. We also want to obtain the exported logs from the poster’s Wave app so that we can analyze this issue deeply. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


The model I used was -

Sending logs.


Got it! Thanks for your feedback! We will check it internally in our own lab.

Thanks for your testing!

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i use a Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC on the Wave APP 1.17.8 (64 bit) Win 10 Laptop.
I can answer and hang up a call. I have “Plantronics Hub” on this computer and that is how I initially setup the headset but, task manager shows it’s disabled.
I also disabled MS Teams, something new after an auto update by MS


Thanks a lot for your feedback! We will collect some headsets and run some tests. Thanks!

Thank you!


Dear users,

If the user connects the Bluetooth headset with the PC and tries to answer/end the call with the control button on the BT headset, this is not supported for Wave application. As Larry tested before, Teams application also does not support this feature. If the user wants to use the call control feature on the headset, the user needs to use a USB headset instead. Thanks for your testing!

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Download and install the Plantronics Hub application. It will help control the headset and Surface better.


Thanks for your updates and feedback!

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Perhaps GS should clarify or be more explicit as to the BT functionality as the spec sheet does indicate BT support for both mobile and desktop/web use. Most BT headsets do have some degree of control over certain functions - volume up/down, mute, answer/reject/end call or other and not calling out the limitation is surely going to cause more to question it later. Off of the top of my head, I don’t recall ever seeing a BT headset with microphone not having a means to connect to and disconnect from a call.

When I use the same cheap BT with the 3CX app for Android, the answer/end call button works as it should. When I try and do the same using WAVE, the button simply disconnects the audio for a second and the cell phone then has it, but after that second or so, the audio returns to the BT device, but one cannot answer or disconnect the call using the BT.

I don’t know, but it seems to me that not being able to answer and end a call from a device that has the button to do so, makes the usefulness of the app pretty limited and I venture that it is somewhat of a safety hazard not being able to use the BT functionality when driving. The BT headset works just fine with the 3CX mobile app as well as with the BT functionality of the GXV3350 phone.


Thanks for your feedback! If the user wants to use the control functions on the Bluetooth headset with Wave Desktop app, the user needs to connect the Bluetooth headset which supports WebHID to the PC through the USB connection method. It is recommended to use USB headset when using the Wave Desktop application.

We will run more tests and clarify it on the FAQs. Thanks for your suggestiosn and sharing your results with us. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


And for the mobile aspect which is not using a PC? As stated. 3CX mobile app works and Yeastar App works with Android (not with iOS) thru the auto’s BT function, if the auto is so equipped.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! If the user is using a BT headset through common Bluetooth protocol, there should be no problem. We haven’t tested Bluetooth specifically with autos, but if it’s a normal Bluetooth protocol, it should be fine. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!