GS Wave Lite App (XML QR Code Values)


Can I please have the available XML tags for the GS Wave Lite App for QR scanning?

I’ve used the following to create a QR code and it works:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AccountConfig version="1">

I am in need of the XML tags for SIP Transmission Protocol to define TLS and SRTP mode to Enabled and Forced. Thanks!


I think I’ve seen this asked before without an answer from GS. You might need to put in a ticket. If you do get an answer, please update this post as I’d be interested to know the answer.


I need this too, and I did create a ticket on this back in 2018. They told me SRTP is not supported.
This seems incredible to me, but here we are.

Still no way to provision gswave using QR codes. Still looking for a solution.


Ya me too, But I want to actively enable codec G729 by the QR code…
watting for answer…