GS Wave / GDS3710


Good night. I have a problem with my call box in App Gs Wave.

When I call from the mobile phone to the call box the call box image loads on the screen. But when you tap from callbox to mobile phone it doesn’t load the image.

On android sometimes it worked. In IOS does not work at all.

Any idea ?

GDS3710 an FB 7590: Fehlinvestition!?
GDS3710 an FB 7590: Fehlinvestition!?

Could be bandwidth issue. Please make sure to pay attention to following:

  1. If the call is direct IP call or IP peering call, make sure the GSWave setting “Use Random Port” to “No”. If SIP Server or IPPBX involved, then this setting does not matter.
  2. For GSWave to work well, please configure GDS3710 to use “3rd stream” to make SIP call. Please configure them in GDS3710 in “Video Settings” and “Account” settings.
  3. If GDS3710 is Callee, the Caller has to be configured at “White List” under the “Phone Settings”. For security reason, GDS3710 as caller no problem; but as callee “white list” is required to avoid SIP Spaming Call or Ghost Call.
  4. The above tips are for Android. iOS should follow the same. Make sure you are using the latest firmware of GDS3710 (FW: as well as latest version of Apps from Google PlayStore or Apple Store.
  5. For GSWave running in Android, please configure GDS3710 H.264 video profile in “Baseline”.
  6. “3rd Stream” recommended in Advanced SIP Account setting in GDS3710 when using with GSWave, to better suit for 3G/4G/WiFi bandwidth.

More information can be found at:

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!