GS Wave Desktop App (Mobile/Web) as well


The Desktop, Mobile and Web Wave Apps function for Basic Telephony and Chat/Video.

The BasiC Telephony features are where my concern is focused.

While the softphone supports make call and transfer features (Missing Transfer to Ext Voicemail directly.)

The N-Way Conference feature is Awkward and my clients whom have tested this feature do not like it.

While the N-Way Conference Feature is powerful, the Wave App would benefit from having basic Conference Functionality. The ability to make a call to a phone user, talk to them and add them to the Conference Call would be beneficial.

The N-Way conference feature is great for meet-me conference bridge uses.

Basic Telephone Feature,
Transfer Call (Attended/Blind)
Transfer Call to voicemail (Haven’t found yet)
Conference (3 Party simple voice Conference).

Please do let me know if you have discovered to perform these functions.

Warm regards,


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! The “Transfer Call to VM” feature is not supported. The other features have been already supported. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!