GS Wave deleting account details on phone reboot - Samsun S10


Good Morning,

I seem to have a weird glitch that I’m looking to resolve. I am using a Samsung S10 and can successfully setup an account and use the App with my Soho66 account no problem.

The issue is whenever I do a phone reboot the account details are deleted and I have to manually enter them again. Is this a known issue with a resolution as I set my phone to restart every day automatically and this is frustrating.

Really appreciate your help on this.


It also happened to me on Samsung S22. I have downloaded the app in “Work apps”, created the account tested, and after restarting the phone it was completely gone.

Today I have downloaded in Personal apps, created the account, exited the app and restarted the phone, account was still there. May be a problem only in Work apps?