GS Wave consumes too much battery



The problem with this APP is that it has to stay in memory, otherwise it loses the connection to the UCM6202. And unlike the other APPs it consumes virtually the entire battery alone. I believe that he stays all the time making contact with the central to update his registration because otherwise the UCM6202 forgets it and there it receives no more calls.

Does anyone know if it is possible to resolve with some configuration or procedure or is it a problem in APP?

And if it is a problem in the APP, can you tell if there is any forecast for it to be solved?


last test fw UCM62XX, the changelog signals improvements on this problem that signals


To fix this, the developers need to use push notifications. Instructions can be found here:


Ok, I got it. But what do I have to configure in the “GS Grandstream” APP and the UCM6202 control panel to disable persistent connection and replace with “PUSH” messages?


Unfortunately there is nothing any of us can do but ask Grandstream to make this fix.


Could someone please open this ticket with Grandestream? I understand it’s an improvement!

I can not make my registration on the Grandstream website to open the ticket, it simply does not give any error and does not create the registration. I filled out all the required fields I try to send and nothing happens. I’m in Brazil, I do not know if the registration page has any problems when the country is Brazil.


you have to open the ticket yourself, so you can explain your problem exactly and receive the appropriate instructions on your account.


In order to open the ticket, I need to do my registration on the site but the site does not allow me to register, it does not give an error and it does not register.

That way I have no one to turn to.

At least I ask someone to open a ticket asking that the support fix the problem that prevents me from creating my registry in order to open the tickets. My contact email: I could open the registry by copying my login data in this forum.

Otherwise my hands are tied.


Please see if my reasoning is correct.

Every time my Iphone changes networks, it makes a new registration on UCM6202.

As long as there is no network switch again, there would be no need for the UCM6202 and the iPhone to do unnecessary authentication.

So wouldn’t it be the case to change the UCM6202 and GS WAVE settings so that authentication is done only when there is network exchange on the Iphone? Wouldn’t that reduce battery consumption?

I imagine the battery self consumption is because the Iphone or UCM6202 are authenticating from time to time and this is unnecessary.

If so, would you be able to tell me which parameters should I change in UCM6202 and GS WAVE so that they are not authenticating all the time?


Possibly, but what if the UCM side changes for those that are not static and using FQDN? Registration are expiry based. When a registration is made, the device registering may make an expiration request, but there is no obligation on the part of the registrar to honor it and the registrar may override the request with its own expiry period. Each side needs to know the other. The issue is that the app has yet to evolve into supporting push notifications. If the app changes IP, it should re-register automatically, although I admit to not having a way to prove that theory.

So, you have a choice, submitting a ticket, and then the question is how long and even if it will come about or you can use a different app that supports PUSH; of which almost all that do come at a cost. You might take a look at Acrobits - While I have not used it, it does reportedly support push and costs a very reasonable one time fee of ~$7USD.


Possibly, but what if the UCM side changes for those that are not static and using FQDN?

Unable to set the expiry time per record? In this case it would change the expiration time only for devices using GS WAVE.

There are too many parameters in both UCM6202 and GS WAVE, I have questions about which parameters I need to change to prevent the UCM switch from trying to authenticate GS WAVE and which parameters I need to change in GS WAVE so it will not re-register except IP change

Yes, I can say that whenever I change the IP, GS WAVE registers with the switch, it works like this on my Iphone. Just go out of a network to 4G and vice versa he already tries to register again.

Yes, I will open a Ticket about msg PUSH at Grandstream when I can register on her website. I have been trying to register for weeks and the web page for this registration has a problem. Does not log and does not report any error, simply becomes static.