GS WAVE connects but no audio


I have set up the GS WAVE on our own cloud based server. It connects perfect.

Calls within our network connect perfect and audio very good.

However, if I call outside our network (a cell phone or landline) the call dials, but when the receiving party answers the audio cuts off. Neither I can hear nor the receiving party can hear.

It appears there is a codec or other setting I have missed/

Has anyone had this issue? Any suggestions where to look?



Had more success with this when I used TCP instead of UDP signalling.


I’m having this issue as well I have tried GrandStream’s app and X-Lite

If I call my cell phone from the softphone outside the network it dials but no audio


tengo el mismo problema el sistema funciona con la red local sin problema, pero cuado entran llamadas a la extencion virtual no tiene audio.

Por favor una solucion al tema.




I Think you must configure or redirect in your router the RTP ports.

If you connect by a VPN is not necessray, but you access direct to router you have to redirect RTP ports


Under “PBX Settings” -> “SIP Settings” --> “NAT” --> “External Host” make sure the entered IP address matches the Public IP address (or use any DDNS service).
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: