GS Wave auto holding call with inbound call on iPhone


This is not a new question. Just asking it again as I’ve yet to find an answer.

I’m on the latest version.
Confirmed on multiple iPhones.
I’ve gone through the forum.
I’ve read the Wave Lite manual for ios.
I’ve played with settings without success.
I looked at a wall and drank coffee.

If I’m on a wave call, then, an native call comes in on the iPhone, it seems that GS Wave is auto placing the call on hold.

This is unacceptable.
This does not happen, nor should it happen, on Android.

Is there a setting I can change or is this just a flaw?

Thank you in advance!


I can confirm that it does not put my call on hold, I’m on a Google Pixel 5 with GS Wave But it does cut off my mic since it detect background noise…


I am wondering if you came up with a solution to this problem. I have a client that it happens to