GS Wave App No Audio on Mobile/4G


After we have been experiencing GS Wave App No Audio on Mobile/4G

There have been several post around this ISSUE, however so fix or resolution…

Grandstream Engineers please review this issue.

I have downloaded an older version tested on my Freeswithch PBX and it works perfectly on Mobile Data/4G and Wifi

The lastest version Only works on Wifi not on Mobile Data/4G

There problem is mobile carriers use IPV4 and IPV6 on devices.

Release when register to PBX show IPV4 from the Mobile Device

Release when register to PBX shows IPV6 from the Mobile Device


Id suggest to contact GS support direct-


I find UDP 5060 blocked in some carriers. Try TCP for sip traffic on the UCM.



also some mobile operators have a nested network, which complicates things,
just try to change operator to see if it works.


he stated it was fine using the older gswave app… nothing to do with the carrier with version


Scott thanks i submitted a ticket to GS

FYI: I am using Android and All version up to work on Mobile/4G and Wifi… and higher Mobile4G is broken… registeration shows IPv6

Its not the carriers else the older version would have the same issue.


I am having the same issue. Have you received a response back from Grandstream on your ticket?




I’m having the same issue after using it for years. From my troubleshooting it is when the app tries to use IPv6 for the audio (SDP). Registrations are fine either way.

And I had always used an alternate port, not 5060.