GS Wave app - Automatic Call recording?



I’m using the grandsteam wave app for my sip phone client and im wanting to know if there is a way to automatically record calls rather than having to select record upon each VoIP call received as I can’t find the option in the settings.



I would think a record every call option would be a phone system setting rather than a phone setting


…just waiting for option autorecord. Ready to purchase the option in a good softphone!:+1:


Zoiper Premium will do it.


I bought all the applications, including acrobit & groundwire. they have a problem with sound, a quiet microphone is difficult for the interlocutors to hear. GS Wave no problem mic! sometimes the truth is off the account, the solution is unlocking the screen on my Nexus 5X (Android 8.1).
I’m waiting for GS Wave when they decide to keep (non sleep) Wi-Fi
(economy battery off, protocol TCP enable)


Can i bump this thread because im yet to find a third party app that will record the VOiP calls thru GS Wave, but I’m really happy with GS wave and dont want to switch VOiP providers.

I think its a bit odd how GS Wave has a record feature but no automatic option, I mean the functionality is there, right? Can anyone recommend a 3rd party recording app that works in conjunction with GS Wave?