GS Hosted Solution?


Will Grandstream be offering a Hosted PBX solution using the GDMS Remote Connect platform?

I have a client who does NOT want an on-premise UCM, they prefer a cloud hosted system.

Thank you


Then the client can choose between a lot of cloud hosted platforms from other vendors.
I hope GS will NEVER EVER host their systems in the cloud.
I cannot understand that hype around cloud systems:
They are much more unreliable, at the end much more expensive and do not have enough features.
Only because it is possible nowadays to do such a business because of better internet speeds, it´s not better than a local pbx at all.
The clients have to buy the phones in any case.
How much money does the customer save if he saves the money of the pbx?
If the phones are also rented, then it makes no sense at all.
I have to say: If a business guy can´t afford a small pbx system, then he should think about what he´s doing at all.
I Know all those guys:

  1. Who needs a pbx nowadays - we all have smartphones. Why do we need a phonetrunk at all?
  2. We are so hip we don´t want a box on the wall and no phones on the desk
  3. We thought about getting all done with our Iphones
  4. We have set up our Android phones and Iphones,
    so we think we can do this litte telephony thing also. No Problem.
  5. Bla,bla,bla
    I just have to say: Well do it, do it, do it…


Dear user,

Thank you for using the UCMRC service! This feature request has been passed to our development team for evaluation. We currently do not have plans to implement Cloud UCM feature, and we will collect more feedback about this in the future. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Buy UCM, host in your office, Cloud UCM done :smiley:
Take money every month, expand and buy more :stuck_out_tongue:


I would prefer to see UCM software edition more than hosted. I could host it locally as VM on ESXi/HyperV/KVM. It could be self hosted on cloud as well if you prefer.
But, we had this conversation before and GS was not really into it.


I can only say, that if and when they do come up with a hosted solution, it seems unlikely that it would be in any timeframe that would meet the client desire/need. If the request is just now being passed to the development team, all I can say is that you are not the first person to ask as many have expressed a desire over the past several years, so I would not hold my breath.


My old talk with GS: we do not make hosted.
Hosted is totally different and more complicated then HW.


I hear your resistance, however, to be forward thinking, we are up against MS Teams, RingCentral and now Zoom.
Notwithstanding the UCM’s expansive feature list and ability to manage and have a recurring revenue stream, In my customers case, the money is not the issue, it’s the 5x9’s uptime and ability to link extension calls to cellphone as a failover, should power/internet/both go down.
I believe that’s a valid concern.


I thought that given they have mastered NAT firewall traversal, it’s not such a stretch to develop something akin to the 3CX platform, where they don’t provide the SIP trunking, more as a UCaaS model.


If power goes down, there is a Back-UPS Power supply.
HA is a good thing, too.
Many providers have the option to do an automatic call forwarding if the line is not registered or else.Then you could also forward to a GSM Gateway connected to the UCM
If it is a bigger power failture, then the Cell Tower mostly doesn´t work, too.
The other thing is: How often do you have failures at the location?
If you have a internet failure with a cloud"p"bx, you can´t even talk from one office to the other in the same building.
If there is a failover UPS for Phoneswitch GSM Gateway and UCM it could be a much more reliable solution than any cloudthing imho.


Dear user,

Thank you for all your feedback! I have talked about this feature with our UCM development team. This is indeed a known feature request from our users. However, we currently do not have plans to implement it in a short time, but I will pass all your suggestions to our UCM development team and let them know the importance and your wishes, so that they can consider this feature in the future. Thanks for sharing these suggestions with us.

Thank you!