Gs-gxw4216 & ht818



What will be the difference of using those two GS-GXW4216 & HT818?
I haven’t read all in detail yet. But I think those two are functionality the same.


The primary function of both is to convert an analog signal into a digital signal (SIP) and vice versa so that analog endpoints (phones, fax, etc.) can still be used in a SIP environment and/or to take a SIP trunk and use that service on an analog PBX.

The differences between the two are number of ports and some of the features and functionality that each offers and how implemented. You should refer to the spec sheets of both for the differences to see which seemingly meets your need and then refer to the manuals to get to the details of how it would need to be set.

Your question is a little too broad for someone to go through and list all the various differences and especially so when many of the options, features, etc. may or may not have any impact on your intended use.