GS GXW 4104 with Yeastar S50 ippbx - Called ID not working


I am using a Grandstream Voice gateway GXW 4104 with a Yeastar S50 ippbx

The system works perfectly fine , but the Called ID doesnt work. I tried all the options on the Grandstream gateway as well as the Yeastar S50. But i have not found the right combination.

I am a newbie to this.

Please can anyone help ?


tried to ask on the Yeastar forum?


Thank you for replying

I did contact Yeastar.

They asked me to capture the audio etc , which i have done and sent it to them.

The Yeastar PBX is already connected to a few other ippbx units thru peer trunking. And all the other lines seem fine and the Called ID works.

Its just with the Grandstream GXW4104 that i am having trouble with getting the Caller ID to work.