GS Affinity VLAN not working




I have issues with the CTI for GXP2170 Phones.

My Phones are located in VLAN 8 ( /24) = my Telephone-LAN
My UCM6510 in Router Mode with the IPs: WAN: /24 and LAN: /24
The WAN side is connected to my Firewallrouter.
My default Computer VLAN is 1 (default) with IP: /24

So my Computers can ping etc. the telephones. But the GS Affinity dont find any devices. If i entering the IP Address it will not connect too.

On the GXP2170 i have the Firmware and in Settings / Call Features / Click-To-Dial Feature is Enabled. The CTI on the UCM6510 is on Port 8888.

What can i do? We need CTI function. We need VLANs.

Best Regards!


Did you allow affinity on phone ?

Web -> network -> Affinity settings.

Also Affinity need firmware at least, so without upgrading phone it will not work.