GRP2616 Idle Network Line status Status bar area is confusing. Option needed



On the GRP2616 (maybe other models too) the top right status bar area, while in idle state, shows registration status and name of the account that is the default.

For our needs, this is the first account on the phone. Coming from the GXP2170, the user get this confusing visual where it looks like there are at least two accounts, or in our case, 4 SIP accounts appeared to be configured.

The issue is that since the first button visually corresponds (lines up perfectly) to the new Line status indicator area (circled in red), the user thinks they need to press the second most button on the phone which incorrectly selects the next account, not the one they expect.

It just looks uncanny to walk up to a phone and see two “extensions” with the same name: John & John.


Would like to see an option to disable this new area of the status bar all together. It is visually confusing. I will say that the real time status updates that appear here, during calls, when ringing, and so are useful and even helpful.


Did you find a solution? I have started to standardize on the GRP2616 for hotel front desk and manager phones and have had this brought up to me a few times.