GRP2615 won't provision with UCM6202



I am having a problem where our GRP2615 will not correctly/not at all provision with our UCM6202. Some phones I can add/auto discovery and get provisioned with the account only. Some throw off erros saying “failed to parse XML file”. Here’s the catch, those phones that I can provision only get the account put on line 1, but all the MPKs never show up.

All phones and UCM are up to date with the newest stable firmware. UCM is setup as switch and is already registered with my SIP provider and can call out and people can call in. I use the Zero Config option with the network whitelisted. Option 66 (what I seen from other support forms) is and never had an IP is blank. I’m out of options.

The only thing I can think of that it might be is the Model Template Package as it’s only version 1.0, I’m guessing since it’s so new.

Please let me know any suggestions. Thanks!


I have never had problems with GRP2613, also in my opinion the 1.0 model is to be updated (in fact 2614 is 1.3).
Exactly what problems do you find?


How do I update it?

No matter what I do, the MPKs won’t show up on the phone. I can get some VPKs but once it’s there on the phone I can’t remove it.


update your phone?

find last stable and if you want there’s a new beta,
if you intend to update the model to zero config you can’t, I believe that soon there will be the update


Thank you for your reply once again.

Yes I’ve tried 3 different firmwares for the phone, and went to the latest secure for the UCM6202. Yes the model to zero config I’ll have to wait. Hopefully here soon.