GRP2615 new voip provider, old config persistent


Hi everyone. As a new member, I did a couple of research on this forum but couldn’t find anything helpfull. I have 2X ip phones GRP2615 I bought from a voip provider. They arrived pre-programmed. The after-sales service is just horrible and I found the options to be very limited so I decided to port my phone number to a new voip provider. I did a factory reset on the phones to enter the new parameters but still, the old config is always coming back. So I think there’s a config file calling for provisioning at boot up. Is there a way to erase or replace that file? Do I have to contact the former provider to ask them a key to remove those config files? Is there a special management tool or something in TFTP or SSH I can do?
After a factory reset, I successfully connected to the phone via WebUI on an isolated lan and changed some parameters but as soon as the phone got connected to the Wan, the old config was reloaded.

Thanks for your help and please consider I’m far from beeing a pro when answering.


provisioning is done automatically by the old provider,
you must therefore ask the old provider to release the MAC of your phone,
you may not be successful if the agreements with the old provider are as per the contract


Ok, that’s what I thought.

Thanks for the answer.


Just a thought: if I was in your position, and assuming no satisfaction from your old VoIP provider, I’d use a packet sniffer to find out what address the phones are getting their config from then block that address at the firewall.
There must be a way to do a “deep factory reset” that clears the provider’s config. A locked device like that is a royal pain in the posterior.


I totally agree with you, since I own the phones, this is pain in … We should be able to do a deep factory reset, as you say, but couldn’t find any procedure.
I’m gonna try to contact the old provider first to ask them to release the phones, we’ll see.