GRP2614 Voice Mail Access Number


Under Device Settings I do not see a place to enter the Voice Mail Access Number. On the local GUI it is under the Account General Settings. Had to use the GUI after deploying a GRP2614 programmed via GDMS.


- # Voice Mail Access Number
- # String
- P33 =


Thanks for that, but the issue relates more to a manual configuration input into GDMS without a template. There seems to be no box in GDMS to input the dial string as there is through the GUI. I deployed a set with a manual GDMS config and the customer was unable to access his mailbox via the envelope key. It can’t be corrected via GDMS only the GUI.


copy the code “p” without p into GDMS in text mode and you have done


Copy it to where in GDMS? I don’t see an input box as there is in the GUI.


I wrote it down for you, you have to open it in text mode


Got it to work, Thank You.


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