GRP2614 - Transfer to VM/Remotely Change VM


Our office uses the GRP2614 model. Is there a way to transfer a call directly to someone’s voicemail, without that person having to hear the phone ring and just ignore the call? I need to be able to send a call directly to the manager’s voicemail if she is unavailable.

Second question - if our office were to close due to weather and we were unable to physically come into the office, is there a way to change our voicemail greeting remotely?

Hope someone can help. Thank you!


The features you seek are controlled by a PBX and not the phone.


Thank you for responding! I just Googled PBX because I have no idea what that is. Is there someone that controls a PBX in a business?


1 can be done by setting DND, this should trigger VM.
2 - nope you need talk with operator or whoever set greeting in first place.