GRP2614 firmware now available for test


Dear Grandstream Beta Club Testers,

GRP2614 firmware is now available for testing. Here is the link to the firmware, release notes and config template.

Please let us know if any questions. Thanks for your support and feedback.

Best regards,

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.



Is there also a configuration template file the GRP2614 please so that I have the P VALUES?


All GRP will use same firmware ?
I do not see exact file name in this file.


I see the new XML configuration names are used instead of PValues so answered my own questions. Tried this with the UCM and much better! Excellent work as it means the P Values won’t add confusion to configuration.


Is there a list of the new configuration names that you can point me to?


Yes you use things like:

Name: phonebook.keyFunction
Value: LDAPSearch
Description: Set phonebook button to LDAP

The settings and possibly values are within this file:



Thank you @simon.richardson.

Your link helps.

I am aware of the new format.

What I am anxious to see is a lexicon/dictionary/??? of all the terms, possible values, and even more interesting, the definitions. I am “hoping” for something less like a programming dump and more like a reference manual.


I think the XML reference file will be the only thing for a while as its similar to what we got with the P Values but if this new method is the future going forward then it would make sense to have it in a nicer format.
The new settings are much better and didn’t take me long to locate what I needed (bar one).


Yes we are transitioning to using alias names instead of P values. It is more readable and easier to understand.



There are some examples in header of the xml file to explain some of the details and @simon.richardson is pretty spot on for the explanation. Let’s go over the example again:

1. <!-- Phonebook Key Function -->
2. <!-- Default, LDAPSearch, LocalPhonebook, LocalGroup, BroadsoftPhonebook -->
3. <item name="phonebook.keyFunction">Default</item>

Line 1 - Description of the alias function

Line 2 - Alias values available. (Note: Not all values are in alias alphabetic form. Some values are still using numeric values from the previous P value style because the alias alphabetic form is not fully complaint yet.)

Line 3 - This is the structure to set the alias name and alias value. The parameter name between the quotation of name="" defines the alias name. The parameter between the tag define the value. Please note that the alias name is case sensitive as are the alias values as well.

If there’s any further questions please let us know.



Thanks @GS.Rick.

Will there be a comprehensive lexicon coming out with all the information in an easy to access format?


No, we follow previous structure and organization of the P value xml config file but now replacing with alias names and values so it’s not very different from what it was before. I don’t it’s necessary and may overwhelm or further confuse users if we put everything in a big lexicon style list.



please note that after upgrading the 2614 to version 31 the Bluetooth functionality was compromised.
i am no longer able to connect a mobile phone (tested with Samsung note 8 and Iphone 7) to the 2614.
also whenever the 2614 reboots the hands free option (as seen in the phone GUI) is turned off although when looking at the web the functionality seems to be on.



We were able to reproduce the problem and will investigate the cause.



Just wondering… I see in the comments that many of the bugs will be fixed / suggestions will be taken into account (which is great); will we see an updated firmware anytime soon?

– bka


Hi Boris
We are working on the fixing and try to include the major issue first. Will response the each thread if there is an fix for that.