GRP2614 Feedback


When powering up with PoE, the led on top of the phone is barely visible. Since it takes a good 20 sec before the screen shows something, I thought the phone wasn’t working the first time I plugged it to my PoE switch. The brightness of the led should be high enough so that even in daylight it would be visible.

Another point, when there is a call that has been missed, once the message has been acknowledged, the screen saver does not as long as the history key shows the number of missed calls.

When looking at the history, no detail is available for past calls beside the date. It would be good to have full detail like the date/time, duration, the CID and the account.

I received complaints when using a wired headset with G722 that some words were garbled or missing. I have enough bandwidth so that is not the source of the problem.

The local port is not considered by the phone when making registration has some random port is seen by the pbx.

The account swap works perfectly.

June 24, 2019 (America: Toronto)

The details for a call can be seen by pressing the middle button (dot) when browsing the history.