GRP2614 Feature Request: Function "Caller-ID" on Multi-Purpose Keys


To improve user-comfort, it would be great to have a new function “Caller-ID” on the MPK/VPK:

It should work with outgoing caller-ID:

It should be possible to configure a key (or several keys) with ‘anonymous’ or an outgoing caller-ID like ‘+49800334455’.

Pressing once it is activated and red. Pressing a second time it is deactivated and green.

This is a good known feature from traditional PBXes (Siemens, Alcatel and Avaya) and clients are asking for this.

It’s about the ability to set up one or more MPKs to set the outgoing Caller ID.

For example, a call center employee can be responsible for 3 companies while making outbound calls. In Germany it is not allowed to call commercially anonymously.

So you could either set up three different trunks on the phone, then they are completely separate. But this is not useful for some applications and not common in Europe. Here is the concept in general: 1 phone - 1 extension number.

If I only want to route the calls via an incoming call distribution, I have to be able to set the caller ID on the telephone as simply as possible … with MPKs / VPKs.

It is a little bit like the function of being able to program several call forwarding on MPKs and to be able to select the respective telephone number to be redirected to by simply pressing the key.


Good point, +1. This should not “cost” a full line button.



All of the “keys” on the phone should have the same functionality.