GRP2614: copy programmable keys between phones?


is there a way to program the 24 keys and then copy that config to multiple phones?
we have over 20 phones in one house and i dont want to have to configure all the programmable keys on every phone manually if i dont have to.


if you use UCM you can use Zero Config


thanks, i do use UCM but i couldnt figure out how to do the zero config with these phones.
maybe my firmware didnt recognize these phones yet.

so via the UCM i can configure the 24 keys on all the phones?


you have to manage the “common” options on zero config, and always on zero config you can create custom templates (some functions can be found on “advanced” that appears on some pages).


You need to first add the Model Template for these phones to the system. Under Zero Config, go to Model Update and add the missing template.

You should then be in a better position to see how to add the VMPKs.