GRP2614 Beta Testing Report/Feedback


Hi Guys,

I’ve been testing this device for a while now, so here it goes;

  1. Vewing Angle too low - makes screen visibility a bit hard at the highest angle. Perhaps increase the angle of the kick-stand?

  2. GUI Provisioning Button to reduce re-provisioning times during troubleshooting and updates is not present as it is in other devices. This has a number of useful benefits, particularly when pushing/forcing config updates. I know the GDMS helps and makes it easy, but not everyone will use the GDMS.

  3. Firmware Update from Web GUI. GDMS firmware management works well as expected, but the ability to update firmware from the phone rather than from a server would help where GDMS is not in use. Similar issue with config updates.

  4. Handsfree mode a little hit and miss when you want to disable handsfree. For example, when using a bluetooth headset, and I want to disable handsfree mode I have to log into the gui or go through the menu to do it. It would be easier to do this from the phone or softkey.

  5. Boot up with PoE. Currently using a PoE (802.3 at/af) switch and it is taking between 15-20 seconds before the Grandstream logo shows up. Once the logo is up, the phone boots up very quickly which is nice to see, however that 15-17 second delay where the screen is black might concern some.

  6. Bluetooth range is really very good (better than most devices I’ve used, so well done there)

  7. Voice quality over bluetooth isn’t so great. I’m assuming there was a trade-off between range and quality. Personally would prefer a higher call quality than range, or a slight sacrifice in range for better call quality.

  8. rport is enabled by default with STUN (as confirmed with GS techs) is really helpful (not sure if it’s the same with other devices as it’s been a little while since I’ve used GS devices in a remote deployment but definitely a nice to have.

  9. BLF ‘screen’ worked exactly as I would have hoped and without any noticeable issues (so far) and are easy to setup by holding down the MPK button.

  10. Menu’s were slightly lagged and not as responsive as I would perhaps have liked. There seemed to be a very slight delay between pressing a menu button and the screen responding. For example, hitting the History button took a moment to think before the screen responded.

  11. While the MPK screen is great to have, I would like to see at least an option to have a side-car for BLF’s/MPK buttons as I felt having both screens filled with BLFs was a little bit overwhelming.