GRP2614 ( Plug and play with UCM Zero Config doesn't work


The Plug and play with UCM Zero Config doesn’t work, unlike all other Grandstream phones.
Usually you can connect a brandnew (or factory reset) phone to a ucm network and it will be found and provisioned completely without interaction on the phone.
This is not working, but essential for larger UCM systems.
I had to the set the “Config Server Path” by hand to
After that it works, but this can only be a solution to test, but not for business case.


I have been pulling my hair out trying to get Zero Config on a UCM6204 to work with GRP2614 phones. I have been dealing with the Grandstream help desk for the last couple of weeks sending them detailed network traces, screenshots, and a very well documented narrative of my procedures to try to get this to work, with absolutely no success. The help desk just keeps asking me to try different stuff, but there doesn’t seem to be any effort on their part to escalate this to the development team to get it fixed.

Is there any hope that this problem is going to be addressed, or are we to assume that Grandstream is throwing in the towel on getting this phone to work with Zero Config?

Note: Both my UCM and the GRP are running the latest firmware releases (UCM; GRP


I can confirm, that Zero Config works with UCM and GRP
Just check, if it works when you choose the network-config “Switch” and have Zero-Config activated in Zero config Settings.


Just don’t try putting Park Keys on the MPK Lower screen. It doesn’t work via Zero Config have to manually set.


Please let me know if you guys able to get PHONE GRP2614 Work with UCM62XX yet?
If yes, please let me know how you did it because I still can not get it work with the system yet


Upgrade GRP software, upgrade the UCM, upgrade the UCM template in Zero config templates, default the phone, then it’ll appear in zero config.


How to upgrade ucm Template and where to get it ? I have GRP2612P trying configure it via ucm Zero config



I found that option 66 and unchecked SIP notify make GRP not configurable from UCM.
You can change them via GDMS i think.