GRP2613 Stop ringing after some days



If you disable distinctive ringing, just as a work around, it will stop the issue.


disabling the distinictive ringing worked for me. thanks a lot


Probably the problem appears with districtive ringing and when set Custom Ring Tone1.

Because some times when i have incoming calls (without districtive ringing), the device stop ringing (at screen show me the incoming call)

Then i set Default Ringtone and the problem solved.


Open a ticket and report the bug :slight_smile:


Another beta v1.0.5.67 is available now


Dear users,

Thank you for all your feedback! We have released GRP261x Beta firmware version, and you can upgrade your device to this Beta version and give it a try. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about it and if you can still reproduce this issue with this version, please let us know. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!


Does the firmware contain any additional fixes from As the release notes don’t indicate anything additional towards ringing stop working on the phones for fixes… For now we are leaving them on default system ring tone, and no distinctive ringing… Not sure if the firmware needs additional work on distinctive ring tones causing this issue, as other have indicated that is an issue in this thread as well.



Dear users,

Thanks for all your feedback! I noticed that this issue should be improved in GRP261x, and I will confirm with our GRP261x development and let you know soon. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Release notes says: "Fixed an issue where the device would stop ringing after a few days if using custom ringtone"


They said that before already, when it was released .65 and 66……


Dear user,

Thank you for all your feedback! May I ask if any of users can reproduce this issue in GRP261x Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!


Any firmware update with the issue of incoming calls (call stopped) and the device still ringing?


Dear user,

Thank you for all your feedback! This firmware version GRP261x is supposed to include the fixes of this stop ringing issue. I will double check with our development team. Thanks!

Thank you!


The issue continue and with this version firmware…


hi @RpMz,
only for testing, upgrading to this beta version .67, then do a factory format and then see if it makes that mistake again (I would not like you’re carrying out a problem on the custom database)


Dear users,

Thanks for all your feedback! I will pass your feedback to the GRP261x development team and I will get back to you soon if we have any updates. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Thank you all for your helpful insights. Can someone please explain “Disable Distinctive Ringing”?


I can also confirm I have phones that still stop ringing with the latest .67 firmware.

If the reason is a third party ringtone that is causing these phones to stop ringing, wouldn’t be easier to just include a normal ringtone so we don’t have to create our own?


+1 To better ring tones.

Are you using .bin or .wav files as the new ring tone sources?

I have no issue with custom ring tones loaded via GDMS.

Your issue may be the ring tones files you are using, not the firmware.