GRP2613 Stop ringing after some days



I have assembled a list of config changes to make to the GRP 261X range if you are getting complaints about call quality and no ringing on incoming calls.

  1. Disable Noise Cancelling Feature, EDRC, P Code 8538 = 0. Settings ->Preferences ->Audio Control ->; Handset TX ->; Enable EDRC Feature to No.
  2. Increase Handset Tx Volume by 2dB. P Code 1464 = 2. Settings ->Preferences ->Audio Control ->; handset TX->TX Volume =2 decibel
  3. Disable Distinctive Ringing. Turn On IGNORE ALERT INFO HEADER and use default system ring tone.
    P Code 26018 =1. Settings ->Account 1 ->Basic Settings->Ignore Alert Info Header. =Yes


I too can also confirm on 2616 that the ringer stops working after a few days. Very sad.


Out for nearly 3 years now Larry and what a source of grief have they been.
Have to now agree with 3CX’s on line opinion despite 5 years of supporting their products.


Yes, up until recently I only had one install of same that I did in July of '20. Very little issue with them since, but no fancy stuff done and certainly no F/W upgrades since.

However, recently I have a client who insisted on them for a number of sites partly due to variois product shortages as they had been using a different PBX and phone make and wanted to stay as close as possible to the functionality of the other phones due to the added paged BLF buttons.

I have installed over 8 systems in the past 3 weeks and the service calls from same have exceeded all other clients combined over the same time and all for the GRP.

I understand that there may be some issues that require some firmware tweaks, but I simply cannot get over the fact that this thread, whose title expresses it all, dates back to May and here we are over 4 months later still waiting on a fix for a problem that never should have been an issue given how prevalent the need and use of ringtones are and since when should a phone quite ringing under any circumstance? In my case, I am using the 63XX, so even more concerning as it GS’s own product line.

I just obtained a dev F/W version from support that, per your suggestion (Thanks! and for the work put in) that reportedly addresses the ring issue. I just installed it into 5 systems with a few more to go and I guess we will see if it addresses the ring issue and then see what else it manages to break (hopefully not).


New firmware listed at Ver, lets hope the patch is in there, though I can’t see the issue listed as fixed in the bug list.


I also looked and did not see it either, which I thought strange given he number or reports, the age of same and that the fix (unofficial) that I was provided was labeled as .63.

I am not taking the chance at this stage. It almost looks like the same as that which was published for .62 Beta.


Loaded it up and it seemed to work for the day. As a moderator in the Forum Larry, are you privy to any extra goings on with GS on these issues. Seems to have taken too long to resolve.
This issue has been a thorn on my side since January but at least the Answer a call with handpiece and call goes to Speaker seems to have been addressed. I really like the GRP’s, their function with EHS’s surpasses the GXP range.


I have no inside info more than anyone else. Maybe Marcin as he seems to get more scoops from the euro group than anyone.


Fair Enough.
Only gossip I’ve heard is the GWN 7000 is getting updated features soon.


Try changing the default patch cord. A friend told me that this is the problem.


Nope, not a patch cable issue.


Thanks for this information I am having his problem and a lot of my users need a louder ringtone than the default, has any work around been found? Support has not been helpful


I doubt that you can turn up the ringer volume any louder than what the manual settings will allow (same if using a pcode). The issue we have is not the same, but rather than after some period of time, the ringer simply no longer sounds when a call comes in, but you can see the call on the display.

I suppose it may be possible that you could change the ring tone to something else that might be more noticeable (frequency and/or cadence), but loudness at its peak would probably not change.


Let me know how it works for you, , that version did not help for my customer, they sent me version and it did not fix the problem. I just tried Ignore Alert Info header to see if that helps. The new release does not mention the problem as fixed or as a known problem, making me wonder, also support said it isnt fixed yet.


its because you didnt clean your room as a child.


That does not sound correct for the F/W, as it is not in the range of anything previously provided by GS as released or Beta. The current release for the GRP is and the Beta

The one I have that reportedly addresses the no ring situation is





Thanks much for the help, I get much better help here than I do with support!


As for ringer: take desired audio to music program(audacity is fine) and increase volume there, then upload to phone.

As for fw: this is correct, but that is DEV firmware (0 instead 1 as first digit) means no beta candidate at all. I got them few times in emergency (no test was done from GS side).