GRP2613 Stop ringing after some days



I got this exact bug on many GRP phones with some UCM6300 on many deployement…

The problem we had is with the “Match Incoming Caller ID” setting that we configured to have internal call be on a distinctive ringtone. After some time they just stop ringing… We removed the phones from GDMS and factory reset, then configured them by hand and it worked for some phones. We had the same problem with Zero Config.

From what I understand it would be the Alert-Info Header that causes the problem right?


Alphonso that very interesting and confirms what I found. When the “Match Incoming Caller ID” is set to a custom value, this issue occurs.
I also configured my phones in GDMS, partly in an attempt to load more customer friendly ringtones but enabling the “Ignore Alert Info Header” was an effective workaround.

I also notice and wonder if this may be a contributing factor as well. When you SYNC a handset into GDMS that the RESOURCE tab is not enabled and no ringtones are loaded into it. When I do use the custom ringtones, the ringtones need to be loaded into the RESOURCE fields so if missing could that be the problem?


For me it wasn’t only the Custom Ringtone 3 and not only the GRP2613 but every GRP261X on every Custom Ringtone. I enabled the “Ignore Alert Info Header” in one of my costumer’s config and we’ll see if it solves my problem.

I’ve never configured the RESOURCE tab and it never caused problem. The Custom Ringtones are already in the phone’s factory config, I don’t think that just adding them to GDMS completely erase the ringtones and that you need to add them back…



Are you guys aware of this issue.


Hi @Telefonix,

We are aware of this issue and the devs are looking into it. I’ll let you know when I receive new information.




I deployed (with Zero Config (P26018)) the “FIX” (enabling the “Ignore Alert Info Header”) at one of our installations yesterday and this morning every GRP2613 went silent… I asked for the phone to be rebooted and we’ll see if it happens again…


If anyone is able to provide trace/syslog to Grandstream’s devs it would be very helpful. I don’t have any phone that keeps doing it for now and I have two phones in lab that I’m trying to recreate the problem. The more syslog the Devs have the easier it will be to identify the problem…


I’ve given them many syslog traces. The DEV’s are working on it.


Did you find there anything strange ?


No reply yet Marcin.
My guess is that any PBX server that changes the Distinctive Ring Tones on these phones triggers these issues.
High time Grandstream change their pre loaded ring tones to something more pleasant to the ear anyway.


I mean you find in syslog ? Sometime it is easy to see problem there.
GS will take some time to reply i guess.



Don’t really have the skill to evaluate a syslog.


Ok, then wait for reply :slight_smile:


Has anyone had reports of poor audio quality through the GRP handpieces. Had a set of phones in a busy medical practice of such and changed them over to 2170’s with immediate improvements. GRP’s in offices and quieter areas don’t seem to raise any issues. Be interested in anyone’s experience.

Countless hours lost on the range with lack lustre firmware and issues like described here.


I wont use GRP handsets until they are mature and will remain using the GXP21xx series handsets, they work well - if it aint broke don’t fix it!


Certainly the difficult child of the family, Kevin.


Im hoping you mean the GRP handsets and not me :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, tough one. I may have to give that some thought about which is the difficult child.

I have one site with GRP and fortunately no real issues, but the client is using the UCM62XX and it was not a complex use case. I am also terrified up updating the F/W for fear that what is now working may break or have something else creep in. However, like you, I will not use them until such time as I see the number of posts about the issues come down.

Carrier grade? Really?


What type of poor quality ?


Poor quality audio mostly with reports of callee unable to hear the caller clearly. Replaced 5 of the main phones with 2170’s and call quality immediately improved. I have GRP’s on UCM’s with no complaints so wondering if its a bad batch. Going to take it up the local GS rep and see how I go. Way its heading I can see the customer wanting 100+ phones changed over. With GRP’s, its Caveat Emptor, buyer beware.

List of my issues so far with GRP’s

  1. Poor Audio
  2. Alert Header, no ring on external calls.
  3. Answer Call with handset and going to speaker mode.
  4. Press Speaker Key, no dial tone through speaker.