GRP2613 Stop ringing after some days



Has anyone been able to confirm whether the ring issue has been resolved in .93 release?


I haven’t had an issue in some time in 3CX installs.
If anyone has a continuing issue it is probably due to custom ring tones that have been loaded into their systems.


Unfortunately I have been struggling with this problem on GRP-2613 since July, even installing the latest version the problem looks the same. The set ringtone is 3. Only with restart does it start working again. But it is not possible that they fail to solve such an important thing


well here we are January 2022 and still the same issues continue. latest firmware .93 still ringing problems and still calls being answered on speaker when handset is lifted.
When is this going to be resolved. I have customers screaming at me every day and I’m gonna go bankrupt replacing GRP’s with GXP’s at my expense.


I’ve been in that position too. Customer’s I’ve swapped GRP’s for GXP’s, saying instant better call quality through a GXP handset.

If the Distributor doesn’t come to the party and assist.

Go to your local consumer affairs in your country and create a case.

If this isn’t justification for a full refund I don’t know what is though I think you have a faulty batch.


Unfortunately, everything is the same - nothing changed


I have the same situation


Yeah, mine have started to stop ringing as well. does not fix the issue.


I too have been having this issue a lot and having to manually restart handsets to get them to ring again is not a solution.

I can see there is a new BETA firmware and the release notes mention:

“Fixed issue where using the system ringtone would cause the phone to eventually stop ringing”

Has anyone upgraded to the BETA and run into the same issue of the handsets not ringing after a few days?

I have upgraded two handsets for testing.


So far so good with the new beta. Rolled it out to a number of sites.


3 days with several GRP2614 with and until today without alarms due to restart in GDMS.
(The client restarted the phone when it stopped ringing)


Hi Telefonix. Our site experiencing the same with on phones. As of today, the latest FW is Have you had success with the beta ( or with more recent official releases … such as the


Yes, seems to have fixed the issue.