GRP2612 shows only partial video window from GDS3710 when calling


GRP2612 shows only a partial video (picture sequence) window from GDS3710 when is calling, open door feature works fine when configured “External service” . No new firmware available, I think this could be fixed in future firmware version to show complete picture images like GXP21XX series.

Angel Pino


you’d better report it to the Helpdesk.


these GRP phones can show video?
is it just from the GDS3710 or from other voip door phones?


Hi moseylevy,

Is just a sequence of pictures from GDS3710 like it works on GXP21XX series, is not video (does not use video codec like GXV series), so I think it works only for GDS3710, never tried other voip door phones.

Angel Pino