GRP2604 not audio


I have a UCM6301 with a GXP2170 on the same subnet, and a GRP2604 and a GRP2614 configured as remote phones through gdms cloud and a plus account. All devices have the latest firmware. Incoming and outgoing calls, both to external numbers and between your internal extensions, on both the GXP2170 and the GRP2614 work correctly. But with the GRP2604 I have no audio on either internal or external calls, both outgoing and incoming. The GRP2604 works well because I have tested it connected to the same local network as the UCM6301 and configuring an internal extension (not remote). I have tried many combinations of codecs and in different orders, but none of them work for me. Can you help me ?


Can you confirm if you have configured the STUN (GDMS stun server) and set the NAT traversal to STUN?
If this does not help try to set your current public IP on the phone under Phone settings / use NAT IP.

You need also to make sure that sip alg/sip helper is disabled on your router/firewall.


you have NAT or remote phone configuration problems:


I have a GRP2614 (remote extension too) with the same configuration working. If I had NAT or remote phone configuration problems I think this phone should not work.


Same ISP, same router, same modem, DHCP, stun…so every thing is the exact same? SIP alg disabled?


Try the latest beta firmware , it has a fix for a similar issue!


Hi. It is a problem of the GRP2604. Not NAT configuration, Not STUN, Not SiP alg … Beta firmware fix it. Thanks to all