GRP2603 blank display


Hi everyone,

we have arround 500 GRP2603 phones, of which about 20 phones go blank every X hours (less than 12 hours of uptime).
We have tested firmware revision and this is still happening.

We have tested:

  • with and without provisioning option dhcp 66.

  • manual configuration.

  • with vlan tag phone port

  • no tag in vlan phone port.

  • with and without ntp server.

  • template example:

      <item name="account.1.sip.server.1.address">10.1.102.XXX:5061</item>
      <item name="account.1.sip.userid">{extension}</item>
      <item name="account.1.sip.subscriber.userid">{extension}</item>
      <item name="sip.returnCode.callReject">Temporarily Unavailable</item>
      <item name="sip.returnCode.dnd">Temporarily Unavailable</item>

maybe the order of settings ? the type of configs?

IP Address –
Netmask –
Gateway –
DNS Server – 10.1.102.XXX
DNS Server –
Software Versions:
Prog –
Boot –
Core –
Base –
System uptime: 667
System load: 0.63, 0.45, 0.25
Memory Usage: 59641856/1884160/311296/8089600

to recover display we need to reboot (take off cable of power supply).
when the phone is blank we can receive calls and make.
We use extension on PJSIP, asterisk call server.
The phone not in the same LAN with callserver.



Check for coredumps.
Factory reset,
remove any config/ACS server from one of the phones and configure only the account manually and see if the issue persists,


Try open https://phone_id/lcd.html and login with user admin.



when I call the user from extension 7999 to 2888. the user report me that the screen was blank, I immediately connect to the phone and download the attached image.


Hi there,

So sorry for this issue which seems a hardware issue.
We will contact you and RMA these devices back for debuging.

Thanks for your understanding,