GRP2602W wifi problem



When you do not use wifi, do not disable it (default), and directly plug in the Internet route, it will cause
sip registration has been repeatedly sent, invite call out did not receive 200 ok in firmware

if i disable wifi all is ok

GRP2602W.log.tar (3.2 MB)


remember this is a user-to-user forum, not the Grandstream Support you find here:


Grandstream Help Desk Always will be


to me it works regularly, try to switch browsers and clear the cache


After entering email and password, this page keeps appearing and cannot continue
i use chrome incognito window or edge ( clear the cache) same, my ip is


hi @GSSupport74,

can anyone help out the Helpdesk login problem above?


Dear user,

This issue has been sent to our regional support and our regional support will reach the user soon. Thanks!

Thank you!



please forward my wifi problem log to support helpdesk´╝îI have many 2602 wifi machines

Thank you


Yes, our regional support and development team has received the logs and will troubleshoot this issue, and then get back to you once we have any conclusions. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!