GRP2602W Outgoing Call issie



We are setting up UCM6304 with 17 GRP2604P and 3 GRP2602W Phones.
System is up and all phones are registered . External Trunks are not configured yet.
we’re testing internal calls only for the time being.

Now we’re facing an issue with WiFi GRP2602W phones.
These 3 phones are connected and registered with UCM, but outgoing internal calls are not connecting to other extension, showing as Calling for sometime, then “Call failed No Response” . Please note that Incoming calls are working fine to Wifi GRP2602W phones.
Also, we have tested by disconnecting WiFi and connected to LAN, In this case, Incoming & Outgoing calls are working fine.

UCM and phones are using the same network(by the way, we’re using one subnet for the data and voice)

Kindly advise and your support highly appreciable.

Thank You


It is not clear how an outgoing call to an internal extension will fail on the dialing phone; yet you indicate that incoming calls work fine. Assuming that the above statement is applicable to the 2602 only, how is possible that one can have incoming working fine if there is not also an outgoing working equally well?

Have you setup the NAT page under PBX Settings and SIP settings to include the local LAN at the bottom? The WiFi is nothing but a bridged AP so that the LAN segment is the same as that of the wired network and the DHCP server is the same for both wired and WiFi?


Thank You for your quick reply…Highly appreciable…
I was using the TP-Link Wifi AP, Now I changed to another, it’s working fine.

Now Phone Timing is not correct, Different timing showing in phones.


et the UCM as the NTP source and have the UCM acquire its time from a reliable external source and then have the phone acquire the time from the UCM.


Again, Thank You Very Much for your quick reply…

Needed some configuration in Global policy as we done through Zero confige feature.

Now working…

Thank You