GRP2601P & UCM6301 setup issues for analog



Hi, I’m fairly new to Grandstream stuff, I’m trying to set up phones around my boss’s house, there are 24 GRP2601P units and a UCM6301 interface. I have spent literally over 12 hours trying and trying and trying to get just one to work but can’t, I can get incoming calls working sometimes then other times when I try to ring the landline number it just says number busy. I know I must be going wrong somewhere, I have set up Analog Trunk, Incoming and outgoing Routes, but when I try to make a call it just says “the number you have dialed is incorrect, please check the number and dial again” even when I redial a missed call from my mobile, would somebody be able to assist me on where I’m going wrong? I have tried Numerous Youtube Videos but everybody is setting them up as VOIP phones and we need them set up through a normal phone line. Starting to drive me a little insane because I feel like I’ve tried everything so far, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks


useless to open 2 identical posts, it just creates confusion