GRP 2614 upgrade software now losing GDMS monitoring



I just went through and upgraded a bunch of GRP2614 phones to latest available in GDMS . now many phones on multiple sites are showing offline ie. green Dot is out. Called to confirm operation and these phones are operating normally just showing offline in GDMS.
Anybody else seeing this and have a solution?


try to reboot the phones and make sure that have internet access


Reboot works temporarily but you would think that since the phones reboot after upgrade this wouldn’t be a problem. Just need to contact each site and have them physically reboot since no remote access when the phones are “offline”


This is the easiest way, otherwise, you need to analyze the phones’ behavior after the upgrade reboot to find the root cause of the issue, and see if it is a phone issue or network!


another thing to try to reboot your phones
Access the ucm remotely and under extension try to reboot the phones from the zero config or under extensions there is a reboot button for registered phones.


Rebooting phones works temporarily, now seeing both Hosted and UCM phones going “offline”
numbers are increasing from multiple sites. Phones are working just showing false offline in GDMS. All these phones were stable and showed working before upgrade.


I’m now at 40% of my devices erroneously showing offline at GDMS . These are both UCM and Hosted Telephones. Different sites, All GRP2614 All at Is anybody else seeing this.
It’s making GDMS pretty useless.


You need to contact support regarding this

This maybe related to the network/firewalls


These were working phones, had been stable on previous SW. and had showed on line at these sites for some time before upgrading, there are no changes to any of the Firewalls, again this is on multiple sites, multiple phones and a variety of uses like off of a UCM on site and remote Hosted service,


Without a doubt there is something wrong with
If I rollback to alternative software phones show status as online in GDMS and is manageable. Upon reboot and reversion to They SHOW offline again.

Is there a keep alive setting I need to activate in


Do you mean that the phones appear offline once upgraded to or do they take 12 to 24 hours to appear offline after the upgrade?

there is only the inform interval under the TR069 but it is regularly updated by GDMS to its default value