Group Voicemail and Message Waiting Indicator on GXP2170


I’m running a UCM6204 with and GXP2170 phones with

I have a group voicemail box with key programed *98XXXX for the group voicemail box extension so a single button press from the phone will get into the group voicemail.

That all works great, but I’d like the voicemail light on the phone to light up if there is a voicemail in the group voicemail box. I’ve read about needing to enable MWI looked through the phone web interface and couldn’t find which menu it was hidden in. Also where the subscribe to the group voicemail box. Is this done at the phone or the PBX?

Is it called something else in the newer firmwares?





Thank you, though I’m not sure what to do with the P60076 = *98, I entered it in the
VMPK on one of the phones as P60076 = *986600, but it didn’t work.

6600 is one of the voicemail groups.


It’s a pcode used in zero-config for provisioning. It is set in a model template under custom parameter.


Thank you, I need a little more hand holding. I haven’t used P-codes before. I went to Zero Config/Model Template and clicked Add, I selected the GXP2710 and called the Template Name P60076, no description, default model template was unchecked, Active was checked.

Under Custom Parameters, I clicked Add New Field, I put P70076 in the name box, *98 [MONITORED VOICEMAIL ACCESS NUMBER] in the Value Box, and nothing in the Description. I then clicked Save.

I went back to Zero Config, selected the test phone, and clicked Update Config. Is that it or does something else need to be done?


Do the telephones that have the button for the Group Voicemail also have the Personal Voicemail?
You might think that this question is not related, but it might actually be related to your original question.

The message from @damiano70 said use P60076, but you said

[quote=“CoffeeOverload, post:5, topic:54753”]
I put P70076 in the name box,
[/quote] , so is there a typing error somewhere?



I wrote one thing and you did another


You wrote *98 [MONITORED VOICEMAIL ACCESS NUMBER] and I interpreted it as meaning *98XXXX where XXXX is the group voicemail box extension. Either I need to enter

  1. *98
  3. *98 [6600]
  4. *986600
  5. Something else entirely.

As I said, I am fairly new to this and need a little more hand holding. Looking at past posts it looked like setting the MWI for group voicemail boxes was a configuration setting for earlier firmware where it was all done from the phone web interface, but that wasn’t the case with this firmware version.


Presently, I disabled the local voicemail on the test phone, pressing the voicemail box button goes to *97. There are actually 4 group voicemail boxes that need to be monitored (configured to Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys), I only mentioned 1 figuring it wasn’t important.

I’m just looking to have the message indicator light light up when there is a new voicemail in either of those voicemail boxes. Presently, people need to be reminded to press the group voicemail box button and listen if a new message is available.


I don’t use voicemail groups for these problems (there are too many limits and they have been set wrong in my opinion),

I use a normal voicemail box, for example 230, and as written above on the predisposed telephones I create the voicemail key 230 with the changes written above,

Above is the Grandstream Support link.


I will suggest that you read this article, as it describes something that is close to what you want to do.
You will need to do testing to determine if it is what you really want. It would likely be a 2 button situation where you put the MWI button on the first screen so that you get the light, and then on the second screen you use the same button for Speed Dial *986600 to access the messages. If you need all 4 of the Group Mailboxes on a single telephone, then I am unsure if that would work.

I did test it and found that it does work as he describes. There were other factors involved for my situation that directed me away from this, and now I am using email to provide access to the shared Voicemails.



this is a new feature just implemented in the latest FW


What was the key mode used - speed dial, Blf, other?


The issue as I understand it is that you are wanting to have a visual presence of when the group VM has an unread message. This is a new feature according to the phone firmware release notes and not very well documented as to how to implement or the ramifications of what the impact might be. I am not able to test at the moment as my GXV3350 does not have the needed settings (sigh!).

The phone firmware release document reveals the following for the feature -

In looking at the recently released config parameters for the same firmware (11.71) and model (gxp2130-2170), the only related setting shown is -

Given the firmware instructions shown earlier, one would think that the config parameters would show P60076 thru P60576. It is not clear to me as to why GS only shows the setting for what appears to be account 2 in the config parameters.

With regard to the group VM function, GS apparently envisioned it as a forwarding service. If a VM was left, the message would be forwarded to the VM box of the members assigned to same and as such, that would engage the MWI light for each member. Each member was then expected to handle the message as if the message had been left by a caller directly to their individual box. Whatever action was taken by a given member in dealing with the VM had no impact on the other members’ duplicate VM and as a result there would be confusion and coordination required between the members to handle the message correctly. This has been a contentious issue for many users since day 1 with numerous pleas made to make it a shared VM as can be found in other Asterisk based system, but GS has been silent on the issue.

I do not see any reference to using *98 in conjunction with the new feature. This is a dial code that is typically used to access a VM box other than the one associated to the dialing extension. In essence, it allows one to dial and access their own extension from any attached extension should they not be using their own phone. It has nothing do with monitoring; only triggering the UCM to offer the prompt that requests the desired extension’s VM to be accessed followed by a prompt for the PIN code.

Having said the above, you may need to keep in mind how you assign (or not) members to the group VMs. You should assume that any member of the group who is also monitoring the group VM extension (if that is even allowed) will likely get the MWI for both their own extension as the message is forwarded in addition to the MWI from the monitoring function. If you try and delete the message from the group, it will have no affect on any of the members’ VM as it will be too late.

So, back to the settings -

It is certainly not clear to me how the settings provided above are meant to be implemented. So I can offer what I believe may be a possible configuration -
Looking at the Web Config settings, I assume it should be the desired extension number (66666 example) to be monitored. I am assuming that it is what I will call a “psuedo account”-

Similarly input into the same field by using the needed Pcode for the account and with the string being that of the extension. So, if using account one and wanting to input 66666 into the field using zero-config, the entry would be -

Just as one can enter the VM account associated to the extension that is dialing without having to enter the PIN code, I assume this provides for a similar function. However, there still needs to be a button by which to access this setting in addition to seeing the visual button turning into a MWI.

I am uncertain as to what the “voicemail programmable keys” are, but I assume these to be the VPK/VMPK keys that can be used where the option of “Voice Mail” is offered as a mode-

The definition for the setting is -

I take it that the VPK is set to Voice Mail and the value is set to the same desired extension number to be monitored as that used with the Pcode from earlier.

I am guessing that when the VPK button for VM is pressed, it somehow associates to the Pcode in the account setting which has the extension number that when sent to the UCM, the UCM will not ask for the PIN code for the remote VM box. This is no different than pressing the VM button on the front panel and getting to the extension’s VM without having to enter the PIN.

If the VPK were the only setting configured, it will monitor the extension, but pressing the button will require the PIN.

It also appears that only one monitored extension is allowed per phone account given the Pcode values whose limit is then dictated by the phone model in use. So, this too will need some guess work and experimentation for what works best for a given need.

Again, the above suggestions are just that and I may be entirely wrong. The documentation does not go into any detail, the wording is somewhat open to interpretation and you need to refer to several documents to get any kind of sense of what might be the intent.


Seems to only work with SIP extensions.
Cant get it to work with ring group or fxs voicemail.


Just noticed the phones reply to the SIP Notify message with a 500 internal server error.
And wont turn off msg wait indicator.
Reboot phone turns it off.
Gxp2135 v1.0.11.71
Ucm6301 v1.0.19.10


I have tested this with a GXP2140 handset and UCM 6202 both the latest firmware and it works correctly.

You have a vpmk that lights red when the Group VM is left, you can log into the voicemail as the user with your own voicemail password to identify you and password… The VM will play the group VM and allow you to delete it without issue the group VM light extinguishes as expected.

Zero Config data:

Handset programming locally as ( I didnt try the p-code values out)

UCM Extension Groups

PS the Extension Group number is 6666


I believe i am using the feature as intended.
Vpk mode is voicemail, account 1, value= ext to be monitored.
This makes the phone send a subscribe msg to the ucm. And light the vpk if there is a message.
Monitored Access Number is the prefix to dial when checking the message eg *98
After deleting the vm message the ucm sends a Notify message to turn off mw indicator.
Gxp2135 responds with 500 internal server error (previous Notify not terminated)


okay, but it doesnt work with your method and does with mine… i will try with a gxp2135 and see if i can also make it work…


Tested with a GXP2135 - am using latest firmware and the way I programmed the GXP2140 - all is working correctly.